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Enshrine app is a virtual space for celebrating the life of a loved one. Using Location-Based Augmented Reality Enshrine allows you to select and share the memories you choose at any real-life location.

Background & Inspiration

During the research process for a previous case study, Death Conversation Game – how to turn a card game that facilitates the conversation around the topic of death into an app – I found that many people may not be able to memorialize their deceased loved ones in the way that they’d like.

Previous case study for Death Conversation Game sample image

From an interview I conducted with an individual who works as a Mental Health worker in Vancouver’s DTES, I discovered that many of the residence of the DTES will honour those who have passed away by posting paper messages to a wall, sharing their stories and expressing their grief of the loss.

From this conversation I started to think about the ways in which those grieving would memorialize their loved ones and what might prevent them from doing so.

Enshrine app mockup

My Role

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UX/UI Designer and Researcher

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January 2021 – March 2021

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Figma, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Photo of vandalized roadside memorial
image of neglected roadside memorial

Above are examples of neglected and vandalized Roadside Memorials.

Problem Statement

How might we design an app that would help those grieving to commemorate their loved ones in a safe, inspiring and affordable space?

We must take into consideration the obstacles that exist in placing a memorial for someone we love in a public and/or outdoor space, like their favourite park, beach or garden.

  • may not have permission
  • the memorial is vulnerable to deterioration weather and 
  • it might be stolen or vandalized
  • may not be able to afford a physical memorial and maintenance
  • concern over the environmental impact of a physical memorial


Create an app that integrates Location Based Augmented Reality (Geo-AR) which allows users to geo-cache, or “erect” AR monuments of their loved ones at any chosen location of significance.

Not only does this create a safe space for the user to preserve a part of the life story of their loved ones, but it also helps them to move passed the feelings of loss and grief.


Target Audience 

  • 20 to 50 years of age
  • take home $25,000 – $50,000 annually
  • value community, family, friends
  • tech savvy
  • have experienced the loss of a loved one
  • looking for alternative ways to memorializing their loved ones
  • may not be able to afford physical memorial
  • reside in cities (limited/private space)
  • environmentally conscious

User Research

For my initial research, I sent a survey of 7 questions to potential users between the ages of 25 and 56 and interviewed 4 people between 45 and 55. All of which have felt the affects of losing someone dear. I used Google forms to conduct the survey, after which I collected the data for analysis.

Survey Questions 

  • Are you familiar with Augmented Reality?
  • Have you ever used an app utilizing this technology? Ex: Pokemon GO.
  • How do you memorialize a loved one who has passed away?
  • If you could, would you honour the memory of a loved one by leaving a monument like a plaque, or a statue at a special location? Ex: at their favourite park, fishing spot, or even their favourite pub?
  • If you could share memories of a loved one on an app, how would you do it?
  • If you had an app that you could place an AR memorial for a loved one anywhere how would you go about doing it?
  • What result from the AR would give you the most fulfilment

Findings & Feedback

I found that the percentage of those who were unfamiliar with AR was quite high, and that 67% of those who responded to the survey had not actually interacted with AR technology before. This led me to further refine my target audience to include those who would be more likely to use an app with AR, such as a younger demographic.


unfamiliar with AR Technology


have NOT used app with AR


would leave a memorial for a loved one in a special place


would worry that their memorial would be vandalized, or destroyed

I don’t know of any app that is cool to use, or sensitive enough for this sort of thing. I would like it to be more private than social media. And more beautiful and creative and thoughtful

“I would put an AR memorial for my mom in Scotland. Somewhere she always wanted to go. I could go there and it would be like I went there with her. Does that make sense. Like, she finally got to go.”

“A group of us pooled money for a bench in Stanley Park pitch and putt at the 11th hole. It was his favourite place!”

What a great idea! Getting plaques on public benches is expensive and with time constraints (if even available).

What a great idea! Getting plaques on public benches is expensive and with time constraints (if even available).

“Having the AR visually styled in customized ways that represent/reflect the loved one.”



Name: Olivia Byrne

Location: Vancouver, BC

Housing: Apartment

AGE: 22

OCCUPATION: Barista/Student

SALARY: $31,615


  • her brother lives in Ireland and couldn’t travel to be there with her for her fathers memorial service
  • wants to put a memorial at their fathers favourite park in Dublin, but does not have permission
  • can’t afford a memorial






career & money



  • to find an affordable, yet beautiful and authentic solution to commemorating her fathers memory
  • to share her fathers life story with others
  • to find an alternative way to share memories in digital format, other than social media


Competitor Analysis


  • dated graphics
  • not inclusive with religeous symbolism


  • dated graphics
  • not inclusive with religeous symbolism


  • balanced design
  • not inclusive with US flag in background 


  • simple and calming design
  • appropriately phrased
  • inclusive


User Flow

Lo-Fi Prototype

Using Maze to test the lo-fi prototype, I had users find two ways to completing the “golden path”


  • Users reported that the steps were clear and intuitive
  • A few users expressed that there may need to be an extra step when choosing an AR graphic. Because there are a lot of small images on one screen, it might be overwhelming to the user

Hi-Fidelity Prototype

In my high fidelity version I tried to make it simpler by making less choices on one screen, by making a swipe through menu at the top of the page and included a search option.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Future Implementation 

Custom Ar

In-app ability to convert an image of a users loved one into an AR memorial

location notifications

When you’re near a memorial you created, or was invited to, you receive a reminder notification

more user testing

The ability to understand the way users interact and react to the app is essential to remain sensitive in the final product design 

poetry & Quotes

A database of poetry and quotes a users can choose from to include with their loved ones digital memorial

commission artists

Connect digital artists with those who wish to have memorials made with specific customizations

QR Codes for Grave markers

Create custom QR codes for grave markers that users can scan and immediately see what AR memorial was left in memory of

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